A rewarding short Par 4. The long hitters can reach the green and set up a birdie, but the green is well defended by a bunker to the right and out of bounds on the left and to the rear. A lay-up shot to the right of the fairway can also set up a birdie with a short pitch to the green.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 17 275
   Green   4 13 275
   Purple   4 11 120
   White   4 17 247
   White 17   4 1 347
   Yellow   3 5 224
   Blue   4 12 275
   Green   4 17 275
   Purple   4 11 120
   White   4 17 247
   Women's Pro Am   4 17 224
   Yellow   4 15 224
   Yellow 17   4 3 254


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