Categories & Fees

All membership categories are available for you to join now. Please fill out the application form for your preferred category and our administration team will contact you to complete your Membership of Huapai Golf Club and arrange for settlement of your Membership and joining fees by your preferred payment method.

Huapai Golf Club offers a wide variety of Membership categories, with something to suit every golfer.

Membership Categories and Prices 

For all membership categories there is a one-off Joining Fee of $500: 

This is a one off fee, applicable to all categories excepting Juniors and Huapai Affiliated, and is not paid again for the duration of your membership. Members transferring from Huapai Affiliated to another playing category must pay the Joining Fee. For all other transfers from one membership category to another, the Joining Fee is not paid again. Should you resign your membership, a joining fee will be applicable at the time of re-joining the club at any time in the future.

All new members of Huapai Golf Club are required to attend a New Members Welcome Seminar and must do so within 3 months of joining the club. At this function all new members attending the seminar will be given a $25 credit to their House Account to spend in the Bar and Cafe or the Golf Shop.

Membership Category

Annual Subscription + Plus $500 Joining Fee

Description of Playing Rights

* Full description of restrictions on bookings below

7 Days

$1,860  +

Full Playing rights, play at any time 7 days a week, subject to specific category or competition times allocated. *

6 Days

$1,645  +

Play at any time Sunday to Friday. *

5 Days

$1,490  +

Play at any time Monday to Friday. *

Pay & Play

$680 +
(plus discounted green fee for each round)

Play at any time Monday to Friday, Saturday after 1pm, Sunday after 11am. *   Green fee of $32 per 18; $18.50 per 9-hole round.

9-Hole Plus

$960  +

Play Monday 8:15 to 9:15am, Mauve course (includes #18); Tuesday 9:30 to 10:30am, Front 9 course; Thursday 8:45 to 9:45am, Purple course (end on #8); Play any day after 1pm in winter, any day after 2pm in summer, any Sunday after 11am, Front 9 course. (Public Holidays excepted).

(12 to 17yrs old)


NZ Residents only. No play Saturday before 1pm.

No Joining Fee

Kiwi Junior 9 $135 After 3pm, 9 holes only



$550  +

Play at any time *

Intermediate Plus (21-30yrs)

$1,100  +

Play at any time *

Intermediate Extra (31-33yrs)

$1475  +

Play at any time *

Huapai Affiliated


Golf NZ Index and official handicap (with HGC membership number). Access to HGC Member Guest Rate for green fees and all HGC communications.

No Joining fee.



No playing rights. $30 will be added to social members house account that can be spent in the Bar and Cafe and the Golf-shop. Also earn LOYALTY REWARDS on every dollar spent at the club - see below 

* Playing conditions include:

  • Saturday is reserved for members only until 1pm. Sunday is reserved for members only until 11am.
  • Saturday from first tee off until 9:20am is reserved for men only.
  • Saturday 9:20am to 10:20am is reserved for women only.
  • Tee bookings open via Dot Golf on an 8-day window, at 6pm 8 days prior to that day’s tee sheet.
  • Members can hold 4 live bookings in any 8-day booking window.
  • A Fair Play Policy applies, with penalties for transgressions for late cancellation of booked tee times.
  • All unused tee times for each Saturday are released on the Monday prior at 4pm and are then available from that time to any Full Playing or 7-Day member of Huapai Golf Club, male or female.
  • All fees are GST inclusive, course fees of $1 for 9 and $2 for 18 holes apply at the time of playing each round, excluding HAM, Junior and Pay to Play

Loyalty Rewards and Members House Account

Huapai Golf Club operates a LOYALTY REWARDS scheme that rewards members for purchases in The Clubhouse Bar & Cafe and Golf Shop - anything between 3% and 10% of the dollar amount purchased that can be spent in the Club on other goods and services.  Just show your membership card to earn dollar rewards. These rewards are added to your House Account which can be used to pay for any purchases in the Golf Shop and the Bar & Cafe. Unused house account balances at membership termination are re-invested into the Golf Club.

Corporate/Charity Golf Days

Book Huapai Golf Club for your next Corporate or Charity Golf Day. Packages to suit all budgets and size of tournaments, from 9-hole to 18-hole, individual to teams, social to serious.  Let us tailor a great day to suit your needs, including on-course competitions, food & beverage packages, and prize giving - contact  for pricing and availability.

Social Membership

Welcome to the newest Huapai Golf Club exclusive membership. We welcome all those who live and work in our local community to apply for a Club Social membership. This option is directed toward those individuals who are interested in the social environment that HGC has to offer.

This includes:

  • $30.00 automatically added to your house account for use on your first visit.
  • 3% loyalty earned on every purchase, added to your house account to be spent during any visit to HGC at Clubhouse Bar & Café.
  • Ability to participate in all membership social functions, Tuesday Night Quizzes and Friday Night Dinners.
  • Weekly newsletter keeping you up to date with activities and events happening at the Club.
  • Use of the Clubhouse Bar & Cafe for drinks, conferences or social events.

Corporate Memberships
Available in conjunction with Sponsorship Packages, contact for more information 

Application Form

The payment of the annual subscription fee is a commitment to a contract with Huapai Golf Club for a 12-month period.  By signing up to a membership, the member and Huapai Golf Club are contracted for the full calendar 12 months from their date of joining (moving forward to be the anniversary date of the membership). 

Monthly Direct Debit is available to pay the annual subscription fee; it is not a reflection of a month-by-month membership that can be halted at any time. There is an annual administration charge of $50 for this payment method. Temporary closures of the golf course for weather related events, corporate or charity bookings, course maintenance or repairs, or events outside the control of the club itself are not cause for compensation or a discounting of the subscription fee. Please note that if a Direct debit is dishonured 3 times in a subscription year the outsanding annual subscription is payable to continue your membership.

Applications for early termination of membership or suspension of membership will be considered in exceptional circumstances and must be made in writing to the Board, via the General Manager, with supporting evidence presented at that time.